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5 Ways to Add Movement to Your Work Day

5 Ways to Add Movement to Your Work Day

Physical movement is so important for our minds and our bodies. But often our work days are mostly spent at a desk, where our bodies remain seated and still for long periods. Though we try our best to exercise before or after work, and stay active at the weekend, these frequent periods of inactivity can have a negative effect on our well being. Finding ways to incorporate more movement into our time at the office can have a positive impact on our physical health, state of mind, and productivity.

5 Ways to Add Movement to Your Work Day | A Beautiful Opportunity


We know that we should take regular breaks throughout the day to refresh our minds, look away from the screen and move our bodies a little, but it can be difficult to actually do this. Setting an alarm or reminder every hour or so can be the little nudge we need to take five minutes for some gentle stretches or a quick walk outside.


While a standing desk is an investment that may or may not be feasible (or desirable), it is worth thinking about ways to stand for part of the working day. Counter tops and higher pieces of furniture are all you need to work in a standing position if you're not tied to a desktop computer, and desk converters can be a good solution if you are. To start with, it might be helpful to identify just one part of your day that you are able to do standing, such as the first fifteen minutes you spend planning the day ahead.


Developing the habit to stand while on the phone is a great way to add more movement into the working day (and if you're in a private place, you could even do some stretches). You could also consider carrying out meetings while standing or taking a walk outside. There is often something magical about physical movement when it comes to stimulating ideas and facilitating communication.


Developing an awareness of our posture and remembering to keep moving while seated, even just slightly (such as gently raising and lowering your feet), can be greatly beneficial.


Take lunchtime as an opportunity to increase your heart rate for a few minutes. You don't necessarily need to go for a run or half hour gym class, but just walking quickly to the restaurant or taking the stairs can be a nice boost to brain and body, setting you up for an engaged and productive afternoon.


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