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5 Reasons to Embrace Slow Living

5 Reasons to Embrace Slow Living

What is slow living? To me, it is about living more consciously. The ongoing process of making space to reflect on what is important (to me) and aligning my life to those values. It is about embracing what feels right and saying no to the rest. It is about self-awareness, integrity and balance. Like this, slow living facilitates ethical living, wellness and service to have a positive impact on all parts of my life.

- Slow living is better for my mental well-being

Mindfulness is central to slow living. Simply by helping to ground oneself in the present moment, this is wonderful for mental health. But this mindfulness also involves deep personal reflection and prioritisation. Having a clearer understanding of yourself makes alignment possible - the feeling of living in tune with your values and what makes you feel good. By being selective about how you use your time and energy you can consciously craft the life that is right for you, while accepting its constraints, limitations, and endless changes.

- Slow living is better for my physical well-being

Slow living gives you the space to treat your body with the kindness it deserves. It helps you take time to exercise, rest properly and nourish your body with good food and drink. 

This increased awareness and appreciation of the physical self also leads to a closer connection with the world: a certain sense of equality and interconnectedness that leads to increased empathy and compassion for all living beings.

- Slow living is better for my relationships

Slow living means I focus on quality and not quantity in my relationships with other people. It helps me focus on the relationships that matter, and be present and generous with my attention and communication. It helps me to appreciate all the value people add to my life, and leave behind destructive relationships.

As an introvert, slow living also encourages me to be mindful of my tendency to close in on myself and instead reach outwards to forge meaningful new connections with people. Saying yes to opportunities that may push me out of my comfort zone or making myself vulnerable by opening up.

- Slow living is better for my work

Slow living enables me to focus more of my attention on work I find fulfilling and aligned with my values. This is true both in terms of mental energy and financial practicalities. By helping me feel less need for things, it means I am less governed by money. 

Slow living also encourages me to dissolve the boundaries between 'work' and 'life' and treat all tasks with the same care, attention and curiosity.

- Slow living is better for the world

Slow living makes it possible to live more ethically. To consume less and more consciously. To be mindful of the impact of our behaviours on the world and other people, and aware of our responsibility to speak out and make change happen where we see injustice. It means living more simply and more fairly. 

I'm not sure it would be possible to live ethically without slowing down.

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